Sharing Emotional Virtual Reality Products

We Use 3d design and VR to enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed

Demo Reel

Check out NutsNuts office made in Unreal Engine 4. Besides the tulips and few paintings, all the objects in this video are made from scratch. If you have VR glasses or VR Cardbox you may walk into NN office by downloading it to your PC from our youtube channel. Be sure to follow NutsNuts on social media to find out what's coming next.

About NutsNuts

We are transforming unreal into reality

NutsNuts is a team of VR developers. We focus on a creating high quality AAA 3D content. Established in 2008, currently NN has offices in Canada, Finland and Ukraine.  NN previously collaborated with such studios as Gaijin Entertainment, WarGaming, 4A Games, and more. NutsNuts works with all the industries that are interested in collaboration. We love working on challenging projects. 


We work in:

3Dsmax (corona render, V-ray), Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Quixel, UV Layout, Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, 3DCoat.

 We work with: 

 HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR  

4 ways we can help your business

INCREASE SALES by helping your customers to see the final product

Either e-commerce sales or a luxury car, tiles for the bathroom or real estate  or you name it - VR can make it easier to sell. People usually unwilling to pay for stuff they haven't tried or haven't seen. VR technologies can make product trials and demonstrations possible for so many product categories, giving prospects more clarity on what their post-purchase experience will be. 

Colours, shape, materials, light, print... change and feel all of them in VR. 

WORK REMOTELY with much more enriching experience

 VR can empower businesses to get the best outputs from remotely connected employees by delivering experiences to them. Things like a warehouse tour, a BOD meeting, or a prototype discussion or a recognition program in VR can make the experience of remotely connected employees more enriching, realistic and valuable than a skype call.


You can open multiple showrooms in so many cities with just one headset and a computer. You don't need to cary all the samples and inventory, no need to rent a large space, and pay crazy bills. TV & YOUTUBE CHANNELS can save money on costly studio productions. VR  also gives manufacturers a way to effectively see the inner workings of a product, while saving money and time.Talk to us today how VR can save costs for your business.

Test your product and study the consumer

 VR is awesome for product testing and development, allowing us to interact with it in a 3D world. VR can be also useful for market research giving businesses the ability to learn directly from the consumer while the surveyee is  an actual part of the experience. 



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