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Interactive Walk IN Virtual Reality (Unreal Engine 4)


Most of NN work is done in Unreal Engine 4 in accordance with customer's content pipeline 

UE4 Profile

by Nutsnuts


VR for sales, Vr for manufectures

 We equipped the finished house layout with the windows and doors made by Purso. In order to enable a customer to study the product we demonstrated how they operate and the structure and used materials.  

Basketball Gym


Currently it is used for sales in the market place and as a game to practice throws.

Modern Forest Lodge

House in Virtual Realty
Real Estate VR

This kind of dream house demonstration is often used in Luxury Real Estate, where the client put the glasses on to see his future home. It is also can be used for design and furniture sales.

Varjo & Capital Group


  3D modeling of the residential project in Moscow for Capital Group that will be completed in 2020. Technologies used: VR, Photogrammetry, Lidar scanner.  

Helicopter Raven iI in VR

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Types of Nutsnuts VR Projects

Real Estate

virtual reality for real estate

Selling luxury properties abroad? 

Building Condos or Townhouses that have many similar units (studios, 1bdr, 2bdr, 3bdr, etc). 

VR is well suited for demonstrating existing properties that are out of reach (real estate sales), non-existent structures at the design stage (the possibility to start sales even during construction). 

Previously NN worked on such projects and always looking for more. Demos available upon requested meeting.

Significant Architectural Space


Previously NN worked on projects that were designed to demonstrate the beauty of the interior of an ancient building, which has historical and architectural significance. 

In virtual reality, you can literally stroll through the building and look at the finest details of decoration.

VR is also well suited for old architectural monuments that are under state protection and can not be restored.

The capabilities of VR in construction and architecture are limitless.  

VR for Manufacturers

virtual reality developers

   NN team developed real time VR experience where the user has the opportunity to walk around a luxury house and apply all the possible tile patterns from a virtual catalogue to each surface of the house (walls, floors, interior, exterior). We also made it possible to draw  arbitrarily with mosaic on some surfaces of the walls and even draw an art panel. Thus, a client can come up with his own design and pick up tiles one likes the most.

This concept can be applied to any manufactures: other manufacturers of finishing materials, carpets, furniture, cars etc. NN VR Projects facilitates sales for big manufactures, and makes it easier and cheaper to demonstrate products for potential buyers.

Showrooms in VR

kitchen showroom virtual reality

YES, no more costly showrooms in multiple cities , no more moving products around and even more- one VR experience and a small room will do everything for you! 

 Last Year NN team created a VR content for a large furniture factory in order to show its products in virtual reality. The project implemented the opportunity to walk around exhibition where there are sets of furniture with different zoning and functionality, such as a living area, kitchen, office space, recreation area, bedroom, dining room and nursery. The user is given the opportunity to change sets of furniture elements and colors to one's own preferences. 

Such projects enable your client to estimate a particular zone in terms of convenience and individual preference as much as possible. In classic version of showrooms  there is no possibility to visualize the size, to play with colors, textiles, materials, accessories and paintings, while VR makes it all possible.  

Upgrade with payment and delivery options is easy.

Virtual Studio for Chroma key technology


Our team has already developed several virtual TV news studios. 

The technology allows you to save the budget for production locations, no longer need to build and install complex designs, no longer need to store inventory, etc. NutsNuts VR can create environments of any complexity and for the filming you will only require a single green studio. Starting with simple interiors, ending with endless landscapes and fantastic unseen worlds - Let your Dream come true in any colours.

 In addition, the game engine allows you to create dynamic, animated special effects that will give a viewer strong impressions.

  Of course this technology has already gain wide popularity in the film industry and keeps spreading around the globe. The huge advantage is that the director can monitor the construction of the movie frame in real time and give the feedback to the crew. 

Did you know?

 It is possible to upgrade the experience with inventory numbers, cost calculations, ordering system, payment & delivery method without having to leave the virtual reality.